Monday, 27 April 2009

midterm break.........:things to do wen u r bored*

k,so i ven't written in my blog for wt? now lik,hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm..............................cnt remeba.its cald d midterm exams break.i ve been busy wt skul nd vent had time.NOT TO WORI,I AM i ve two more papers left but i ve a long break in between dem so i asked myslf wt to do wt all dis free time to get away from my world of books.cos i am freakn bored out of my head blive it or nt( afta spending years reading :))

so decide to giv y'all tips on wt to do wen u r bored ! ! ! (xtremely bored),u cnt watch t.v cos u r bored wt it.4get d computer,u soooooooo dnt wana c it again *

things to do wen u r bored even wt ur hobby.
  • rid and rid novels...............:) john grisham plus sidney sheldon wld kip u entranced for years lik it did to me .
  • visit my blog. heheheheheheeee.
  • visit,dey got rily cool games u cld actually play and jst kill time.
  • visit its kinda weird but it wld kip u amazed and surprised jst long enuff *********
  • think of all d terrible things u wld do to pple u hate (jst jokn)
  • go shoppin ! ! ! (my fav part)***********
  • and den slip y'all,slip ur life out and jst shut out d world wt all its complications and problems.
  • visit this is d ultimate ,it has all dese interesting avtivities to do................
  • make a long list of this to do and wen u r done wt d list,time has passed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hurray ! ! !
  • write,write ,write in ur blog ,website,diary, wteva jst write meaningful things lik i am doin now*
  • visit and guess the song lyrics.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.nice fun thing to do.
  • visit and get a dose of flashn lites to help ur mood.
  • facebook. kill urslf actually facebookn**************
  • watch cartoons. i luv cartoons dey make me laff and hapi.........

k,i guess dts all folks for today........

till i become a tid less busy :)

Saturday, 4 April 2009

M sO dOwN..................:(

i dnt noe y but my mood is so bad.does any1 ever get or feel dis way?
i ve been reading since 9:00am (lik duh !,i am a very serious student) cos i ve a busy busy busy week writn quizzes .............a.k.a miss busy bee.i feel beta alredi* wow dis blog works magic ! ! neways seriously,i feel so down and bored.i accept my brain is very saturated but dis is nt a side effect of overreading,oh no it isn't. jst decided to take a break b4 i continue my reading*
this is d time wen u feel lik u rily nid to talk to sm1,a frnd at least or more lik family or ur mother :) cos u feel so confused bout life and stuff.
well checked my contact list for some1 to call at least jst to make myslf laff BUT all To No AvAil (y'all r bad frnds.................:))**************.jst luked down at my "hello kitty slippers" and i realised dt i absolutely luv dem.they r sooooo furry,pink and comfy and cnt trade dem for anytn in d whole wide world xcept my BEAUTIFUL FAMILY...............I LUV U GUYS TO PIECES.ACTUALLY dey are a gift so i cnt get d crdt.u noe urslf,d crdt goes to u !.tanx very much 4 dem.dey r more or less lik my angels wen i am down..........which i am now.and dey ve acted as my friends .kinda cHeErInG me up righty**************************;;;;;;;;;;;;).
NeWaYz gotta go now.sha ! currently goin to buy smtn swit to lift my already broken down spirit .hopefully a lil cheap swit wld work d magic....

Xoxoxoxoxxoxo ...........sugarkanke*

Friday, 3 April 2009

my aspiring luk of d year !



My MoUtH .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

neways, eva being accused of havn a big mouth? well i ve mouth is so sharp dt it can slice leather :) literally............well here goes the story.i am takn dis rily stupid(but very useful) course called system analysis.we just startd d semester so i noe notn bout d course.all i noe i ve more important courses to rid for*
a homework was given to us due someday.......................................oh ! it hapnd to b somedays bck,i didnt ve any idea bout i went to the class feeling all fly,high and mighty wt no homework. :(.
tried to freestyle d homework by gathering answers from my,here goes..............dis homewrk was or rather is supposed to be very easy just three questions.with a few short answers after my freestyle,i thot i ws done and ready to go..but then there was a twist.i asked the teacher if wt i wrote was o.k ,the format of submission,deadline time,....................blah,blah,blah !.she starts to explan herslf and goes one page is enuff for the answers BUT some students jst wrote more,its nt imprtnt but then.....she shows me the paper and i luked at it.i swear(wt all honesty)dt dis homework answer was more than three dis got me very very angry and den i said; "oversabi's na wa...........hiss !" nt knowing dt at my back,the owner of d paper was jst standing waitin to ask d teacher for her paper to correct a mistake.well, here goes my big mouth again! ! !. m nt proud of it*
she obviously hrd me but jst pretended nt to cos i guess she also felt akward bout d whole thing :)
wt if she decided to do smtn(lik wt?) :) ,i kept askn myslf? but after d incident,i felt so ashamed.i noe at least i cn unfortunately add her to my list of "victim's of kanke's mouth". :)
hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmnnn ,wt a life but then pple always tell me my mouth wld kill me one day.sha ! till then.

sha ! currently feeln rihanna's.d babe is too much.i jst absolutely love her style. i am feeln luk i can pay thousand's jst to get dis luk...............watcha think?