Saturday, 4 April 2009

M sO dOwN..................:(

i dnt noe y but my mood is so bad.does any1 ever get or feel dis way?
i ve been reading since 9:00am (lik duh !,i am a very serious student) cos i ve a busy busy busy week writn quizzes .............a.k.a miss busy bee.i feel beta alredi* wow dis blog works magic ! ! neways seriously,i feel so down and bored.i accept my brain is very saturated but dis is nt a side effect of overreading,oh no it isn't. jst decided to take a break b4 i continue my reading*
this is d time wen u feel lik u rily nid to talk to sm1,a frnd at least or more lik family or ur mother :) cos u feel so confused bout life and stuff.
well checked my contact list for some1 to call at least jst to make myslf laff BUT all To No AvAil (y'all r bad frnds.................:))**************.jst luked down at my "hello kitty slippers" and i realised dt i absolutely luv dem.they r sooooo furry,pink and comfy and cnt trade dem for anytn in d whole wide world xcept my BEAUTIFUL FAMILY...............I LUV U GUYS TO PIECES.ACTUALLY dey are a gift so i cnt get d crdt.u noe urslf,d crdt goes to u !.tanx very much 4 dem.dey r more or less lik my angels wen i am down..........which i am now.and dey ve acted as my friends .kinda cHeErInG me up righty**************************;;;;;;;;;;;;).
NeWaYz gotta go now.sha ! currently goin to buy smtn swit to lift my already broken down spirit .hopefully a lil cheap swit wld work d magic....

Xoxoxoxoxxoxo ...........sugarkanke*


  1. nice one thks 4 the crdt and glad u feel bta

  2. Nice space you'cve created here..