Monday, 27 April 2009

midterm break.........:things to do wen u r bored*

k,so i ven't written in my blog for wt? now lik,hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm..............................cnt remeba.its cald d midterm exams break.i ve been busy wt skul nd vent had time.NOT TO WORI,I AM i ve two more papers left but i ve a long break in between dem so i asked myslf wt to do wt all dis free time to get away from my world of books.cos i am freakn bored out of my head blive it or nt( afta spending years reading :))

so decide to giv y'all tips on wt to do wen u r bored ! ! ! (xtremely bored),u cnt watch t.v cos u r bored wt it.4get d computer,u soooooooo dnt wana c it again *

things to do wen u r bored even wt ur hobby.
  • rid and rid novels...............:) john grisham plus sidney sheldon wld kip u entranced for years lik it did to me .
  • visit my blog. heheheheheheeee.
  • visit,dey got rily cool games u cld actually play and jst kill time.
  • visit its kinda weird but it wld kip u amazed and surprised jst long enuff *********
  • think of all d terrible things u wld do to pple u hate (jst jokn)
  • go shoppin ! ! ! (my fav part)***********
  • and den slip y'all,slip ur life out and jst shut out d world wt all its complications and problems.
  • visit this is d ultimate ,it has all dese interesting avtivities to do................
  • make a long list of this to do and wen u r done wt d list,time has passed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hurray ! ! !
  • write,write ,write in ur blog ,website,diary, wteva jst write meaningful things lik i am doin now*
  • visit and guess the song lyrics.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.nice fun thing to do.
  • visit and get a dose of flashn lites to help ur mood.
  • facebook. kill urslf actually facebookn**************
  • watch cartoons. i luv cartoons dey make me laff and hapi.........

k,i guess dts all folks for today........

till i become a tid less busy :)


  1. lol, thot yu said we shuld forget d computer, well sha i come to ur blog wheneva am!

  2. New websites to browse..

    How were the exams??