Friday, 3 April 2009

My MoUtH .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

neways, eva being accused of havn a big mouth? well i ve mouth is so sharp dt it can slice leather :) literally............well here goes the story.i am takn dis rily stupid(but very useful) course called system analysis.we just startd d semester so i noe notn bout d course.all i noe i ve more important courses to rid for*
a homework was given to us due someday.......................................oh ! it hapnd to b somedays bck,i didnt ve any idea bout i went to the class feeling all fly,high and mighty wt no homework. :(.
tried to freestyle d homework by gathering answers from my,here goes..............dis homewrk was or rather is supposed to be very easy just three questions.with a few short answers after my freestyle,i thot i ws done and ready to go..but then there was a twist.i asked the teacher if wt i wrote was o.k ,the format of submission,deadline time,....................blah,blah,blah !.she starts to explan herslf and goes one page is enuff for the answers BUT some students jst wrote more,its nt imprtnt but then.....she shows me the paper and i luked at it.i swear(wt all honesty)dt dis homework answer was more than three dis got me very very angry and den i said; "oversabi's na wa...........hiss !" nt knowing dt at my back,the owner of d paper was jst standing waitin to ask d teacher for her paper to correct a mistake.well, here goes my big mouth again! ! !. m nt proud of it*
she obviously hrd me but jst pretended nt to cos i guess she also felt akward bout d whole thing :)
wt if she decided to do smtn(lik wt?) :) ,i kept askn myslf? but after d incident,i felt so ashamed.i noe at least i cn unfortunately add her to my list of "victim's of kanke's mouth". :)
hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmnnn ,wt a life but then pple always tell me my mouth wld kill me one day.sha ! till then.

sha ! currently feeln rihanna's.d babe is too much.i jst absolutely love her style. i am feeln luk i can pay thousand's jst to get dis luk...............watcha think?


  1. hahahaha...thank God i'd neva fallen...maybe yet...victim to 'UR' mouth...LWKM! Nice blog sha, esp. d designs. Neva knew yu blog...welcum to d club :P And yea Rihanna is sooo hawt!

  2. lemme add anoda incident of kanke's big mouth! though dere r many bt dis is d one i cud tink of nd is recent.. we were abt to hang out wid one of our frnd nd incidently met anoda frnd..nt frnd per say bt an acquaintance nd our frnd askd her if she wanna hang out wid us..nd kanke unknowingly shouted NO! it ws very embarasing..d gurl i guess heard bt wat can we do! we all pretended nd ignored her loud mouth! fr sure..she will get into trouble wid her loud mouth! lmao

  3. omg ! ! ! did i really do that?