Wednesday, 24 March 2010

one of dose dayz........

I am writing this entry and i dnt even have a title for it.My tiny head is just bursting wt ideas.....but i dnt noe whr to start..!!!OMYGOD!!!,projects projects quizzes quizzes have started once again dis semester.i am at a point of dropping dead or drowing mysefl in the Mediterranean.....But, i have ! **:)d thot of finishing soon gives me joy♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥so i wld stop my whinning and useless complaints because lots of people are growing tru worst.My sincere love,prayers and blessings go out to the victims of the Jos clash & problems.Better days are definitely coming.Nigeria needs help and lots of prayers.As the future generation,we should work very hard to make it better (Sykes ! i hp i take my own advice even if it seems far fetched.).My family down there,i love u guys and m praying for y'all***
Better news is to be expected in the world of kanke.....congrats !! !(dis calls for celebration) ♪ ♪♬♬♪. HTC legend has been released yay ! (i noe ....its been weeks now march 10th in some places )for all u smart phone lovers "dis is the phone 4 u"(in my preacher voice)..*cough* some of us r actually waiting for the price to come down b4 we make our purchase but dose wt d cash,it starts at £399.99 but i still would rather have a desire.......shout out to Haidar a.k.a danwa ! ! !my HTC inspiration & no of legend.counting down ko easy ooooooooo....
I am now officially in love with it.I am falling in love wt so many silly things lately such as the lady gaga & beyonce telephone video,tattoos(still battling wt; "is it a sin or nt?") in my To-Do-list b4 my 21st b'day.Also falling in love wt mayonnaise (yuck !) dt is so nt me,i am addicted to celebrity gossip so can't say i am just falling for dt, been doin dt for sadly a while now.this is not silly and an explainable fact but i am absolutely in luve wt "Jake Gyllenhaal !"♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥/blush but it totally makes sense.Now the next step is to meet him.
Anyways i am gona rest my hands here cuz this has been a very stressfully day,listening to jason derulo strobelight (luv d song lik CRAZE.)
NB: to all dose who disturb me during my blogging hours shld pls stp :).....**********pick other times to interrupt my blogging,it is sacred lol !..with this,i leave d STYLE OF THE DAY worn my nicki minaj Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Cutout Boots. start at $1,250.00

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