Monday, 5 July 2010

week extraordinaire

I think I've been having clearly a "writer's block" these past few days.I don't know where today's blogging is headed and from all indications I think I am gonna free style.The events of the past few weeks have been random and unbelievable.Things happen and I am just like OmyGod /blush I so didn't bargain for this .
Event number one,I'm gonna start from today and trace my steps backward to the most horrifying headlines from my weeks.Hopefully you can pick one or two pointers and better yourself.My questions and thoughts ?

* Question 1?
should I go out with one pair of shoe and not an extra in your handbag or something?

Horrifying event number one,after dressing up this evening looking fly as hell,my not-so-new but nice slippers CUT in the middle of an open road ! ! ! :(..........not trying to hype myself or anything but I passed a few guys in the barber shop and I could see them checking me out that's when I tripped with my right leg (can you imagine ) and my slipper decided to give way.I swear if I was white I would have blushed my face out literally/blush .
I did the best I could do and got off that road quickly to a more deserted short cut.I took off my shoe and started walking thinking of what to do.I remembered a friend stayed nearby, I tried her number so that I could borrow some shoes from her and walk back home but as my bad luck would have it,she wasn't home.To cut the long story short, I got a taxi and went back home to appraise and reflect sombrely on my embarrassment and whether or not I should carry an extra pair any time I am going out.

*Question 2?
temper temper tantrum,should you act out even if you are fiery red devil angry?

Being temperamental isn't always easy especially if you are a girl like me.I am quick to anger (unfortunately) and I hate being late and I also hate people making me wait.As this particular episode would work out I was the "waitee...." I think this word should be incorporated in the English dictionary.After I tried unsuccessfully to reach this person on the phone, I erupted and my anger went to level 10.After waiting a while for the person, I saw the person from a distance and I immediately attacked shouting and behaving like a mad unladylike like right? , I mean should I have let it go and pretend like nothing happened,smile /nobigdeal or give the person a piece of my mind in front of the dormitory with lots of people watching?

*Question 3?
should you wear nice classy heals on your graduation ceremony day or flip flops?

My last trip back to memory lane question of the day.You know when you are graduating and everyone gives you the positive compliments and advice?like the "oh , I envy you, I wish I was graduating" or the "wow ! congrats" or "on that day you must look and feel like a star" or "the sky is you limit " or "the entrance is so beautiful" e.t.c, they kinda forget to mention that you are gonna stand in a line for close to four hours before you get to sit down.Now I am a girl of comfort.Once in a while I don't mind wearing the heels that might hurt and still make me look sexy but I mind when I have to stand doing it /no.I graduated recently and I was very excited about it, I went shopping two days before and bought this amazing pair of heels that went nicely with my outfit...little did I know.We had rehearsals a day before the graduation and that's when the truth dawned on me .Nobody warned me.I started to regret buying those heels and wished I wore my sweet pink and black flip flops , at this point I started contemplating if I should carry a big hand bag containing my essentials such as water,food,snacks and of course my beloved flip flops but even I knew that this was a big NO NO ! ! ! .I felt like crying on the day of my graduation...... I spent half the time in pains and worrying about the sores I would get from the shoe and standing with that shoe for so long.I vowed that the next event I am gonna attend, I must have the schedule/program before hand so that I make no mistakes. But I totally enjoyed my graduation and wish it would happen again EXCEPT this time I would wear comfortable shoes ;)

Style of Day
Obviously this is not a summer look or anything but this look rocks ! ! ! Note: not everyone can pull this look but i mean miss tila did a great justice to this outfit.I can't hate.....
from the hooded dress down to the I don't know what to call it pump/pump boots (lol !) amazing ! ! !.

xoxo sugarkanke /bye....♥

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