Thursday, 26 August 2010

7 lessons in three months

My blog definitely needed a face lift.After my long hiatus for a few months I decided to blog a little before I continue my break.I am just busy trying to have a life plus procrastination is my bad habit.The summer has been one miserable hot holiday (ok, lil' exaggeration here....O_o) and I can't wait for a vacation to somewhere cold ♥(does anyone ever go somewhere cold for a vacation?)
Life is just one big ball of mysteries.Talking about mysteries, PHCN going on a power strike is a very stupid attempt to voice out their problems or grievances.Hopefully the strike is going to be effective since all Nigerians are used to darkness, PHCN on strike is an everyday affair.
Lessons learnt, lessons given have all come to an end.So,I am here to report back to you that I have learnt my seven lessons in 3 months.I go through so many things in life and i end up lost most times.Sometimes, i tell my self that when a situation comes,i would know how to handle it but not every situation has a solution but a lesson learnt...........this summer was a sweet interesting little eye opener and i have compiled 7 tips or lessons to better yourself.These lessons have been tested and proven and I hereby certify them advisable ♥.

  • GeT OvEr It : i can't stress this further.Geez ! just get over it.Whatever happens just let it go.Is it a spiritual,emotional, or physical problem that you have bottled up inside? something someone or some people did to you? pick yourself up quickly and move to the next level.Unecessary baggage brings unhappiness, grief and weighs you down from moving to the next best thing,just turn the problems over to God and be happy.
  • DoN't MaKe ThE sAmE mIsTaKeS tWiCe : Learn from your mistakes.When something happens never say; "oh !,it was one of those things.",be smart enough to realise your mistakes,things you have overlooked,things you did wrong and protect yourself from making those mistakes again.Remember,Purposely ignoring the obvious is like walking backwards toward the enemy.
  • bE pOsItIvE,LiVe yOuR LiFe : Always have a positive outlook to life no matter the situation.Smile even when you feel sad and be grateful for the people you have around you.Life is too short for grudges, anger, sadness, jealousy, pride, live your life and be happy.
  • Not everyone wants your happiness and not everyone who says they love you or care about you does.Be weary of such people and pick a few people in your life to love and trust.
  • HaVe FaItH : sometimes life is unexplainable. Things happen for different reasons,have faith in yourself and God,don't try to change things but believe that faith is not a gift,you have to earn determines your destiny & bad things do happen to good people.
  • People deserve a second chance, but not a third.
  • Take lots of pictures.♥ ♥giggles♥ ♥  Someday you’ll be really glad you did.
Well,those are a few lessons I learnt this summer especially from one of my summer classes which half of the time was as BORING as hell.As i learn more lessons i would keep you updated on the latest 2.0.

Now recently in my little mind i was reminiscing about certain picture clips i saw for a video that was supposed to be out,i am sure you would know what i am talking about soon.When i saw the pictures i was like wow ! ! !.Is that Ankara Beyonce and Alicia keys are wearing?.At 
first,i was like this most be one of those Tina Knowles genius creations....i saw solagne rocking another Ankara gown so i reached the conclusion that it definitely was.Then recently i was reading something on the net and then I realised that the designer was not the beautiful Mrs Tina. The designer is called Boxing kittens.Boxing kittens has turned the African fabric into something hip and urban,the attention it has brought to how bright and beautiful our ankara fabric is by having top celebrities wearing it.Is Boxing kittens for you?

xoxo sugarkanke ....♥