Monday, 27 September 2010

Stress Reliever + A pinkful of fun

I find writing to be a great stress reliever.I am the old fashioned type that still feels comfortable writing with a pen and paper first before typing or blogging it for the whole world to see(proof reading it ,almost 50 times !).Not at home right now,so i kinda miss my fav pen & don't have access to the internet at the same time but don't worry,the devil is a liar ooo.
I hope i post this as soon as i get the opportunity.I would also give you the gist of what i have been up to.Helping a friend plan a party isn't an easy job.....i have become a mini house help but guaranteed,i am getting paid in hard currencies(Sykes ).I would feature the fruit of my labor as the style of the day so you can feed your eyes, and also for me to be able to showoff my many talents.Before i go on about my escapades,let me digress small (OK !,i admit i am vying off the topic a Lil,would come back soon ) about my writing habits.I mean,i have always loved to write when i am 1)Bored  2)Upset  3)Trying very hard to express myself (in a letter form :)).But seriously, lately i figured that it is a  "HUGE" stress reliever.For example,something was eating at me two days back,i couldn't sleep,i couldn't eat,i was just starring at the ceiling and thinking hard like the ceiling was going to produce an answer.Now the problem was with this particular person,lets call him/her cookie monster.I really wanted to discuss an "important issue" with Cookie monster but cookie monster wasn't present at this time.So,i decided to write it down so i wouldn't forget what i wanted to say and then,talk about it later with cookie monster .
I started writing in the form of guidelines & even included some footnotes.I did this using a pen & paper (old fashioned me...)and I proceeded to type it on word & by the time i was finished,i felt light weight,better & was hesitating to talk about it with cookie monster.........strange huh ?
 i did eventually work up the courage to talk about it but writing away just took the pressure off......:)

My food...chicken coronation (i think ?)
These are some of my fav things about the "A touch of pink bowling b'day party".A couple of close knitted friends & a dude (sorry Andrew !).It was fun and a night to remember,had my first 3D experience which was mind blowing and exciting.......♥. Thank you b'day girl flora,we all had a blast***
I love the cake.....*,it was lets say? Mischievous.
My 3D experience,i so look like a dork........

All girls and a "dude" that didn't wear a touch of pink :(........***

There was something about this ball............don't know what it is,i just knew it was one of my fav things about the party,i love the pink bowling ball ! ! ! (**evil laugh**)
Finally,the b'day girl's dress,i .............(i helped in choosing it)
xoxo sugarkanke ....
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