Thursday, 7 October 2010

Edible Designers???

Designer shoes and bags made in form of cakes are just so cute and delicious.You just don't want to eat them anymore but put them on a shelf for others to admire this gorgeous work of art.A few days back,i was surfing  the net and came across this incredible cake made in form of louboutin  heels.From that moment on,i knew what my next blog post was going to be about.First of all,the shoe looked so real that it almost made me cry that it was going to be eaten almost liked the ginger bread man ( :( **evil laugh**).I am definitely going to get one of these cakes for my next b'day.I hope you do to...........

 UGG Boots by

Chanel White/Black Cambon TOTE BAG by 

Louis Vuitton speedy 30 white by

Stuart weizman brown ankle boots by


Nike soccer boots by

Gucci Pelham shoulder bag by

 Tiffany engagement ring box by

Here are some of a few of my randoms favorites,although a particular designer doesn't come to mind but they were just too cute for me to ignore.......:)
I just love the caption ! ! !,reminds me of myself*** by Pink cake box

This is my number one fav...........♥.Definitely all the things a girl should have,Victoria secrets,a blackberry,accessories & a love for Justin Bieber by Pink cake box

A pink cover shoe chocolate,how cinderellaISH by chocChic   

xoxo sugarkanke.......


  1. Oh my god, I love the handbag and Tiffany cakes (Chanel please)! The UGG boots, on the other hand...not on my good list.

  2. me too ! ! !,the ugg boots are not a fav but it sure looks interesting***

  3. the chanel cake is so cute! and im in love with the tiffanys box cake, i know what i want for my next birthday! :D lovely blog sweet x

  4. my too favorite things (cakes and fashion) mixed into one....oh no... this could be dangerous :-) x

  5. HEJ I love your blog! its so fun in here w/ your widgets too and stuff! these cakes are adorable, so fashionable!!

  6. thanks a lot dear girl......what can i say,i love fun**
    @uptown twirl: Definitely dangerous :)

  7. You're right- these are almost too beautiful to eat! :)


  8. these are amazing they are making me crave sweets!

    feel free to check out my blog and if you like it maybe you could follow (:

  9. thanks for the comments everyone,i really appreciate it.....

  10. I could see a certain someone making me a bag cake to suffice for the real thing as a gift, lol! looks fashionably yummy!

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