Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Statement Necklaces leave me Breathless ***

When wearing statement necklaces,please remember that simplicity is the key,the less you wear,the better.Minimal accessories are the best,no huge hoops or earrings,less bangles.Your necklace is enough to compliment your outfit.A black simple dress is always the safest option.If you are short (like me !), don't wear long statement necklaces and if you do, wear an outfit that elongates your torso and wear heels or else,your appearance would look like a dwarf, u get my drift?
Here are some of my favorite pieces ...........
For a playful,colorful look, go for Etsy's Rainbow Rhinestone statement necklace.Add sparkle and glamour to any outfit! It can be worn with a basic T-shirt/tank or it can be the crowning jewel on your evening out ensemble.

I would definitely rock this with any outfit.This is my fav ! ! ! ,Belle Blue
Bodega's ribbon-tie bib with apphire-style gems

I love the way Angela Simmons paired her necklace with a simple pant suit.

Katerina Graham wears hers with no earrings (minimal accessories).The necklace is clearly bringing attention to her face and outfit.

If you are going for a crazy hip look,this look is for you.

Wear it in any season. It will dress up a a cute black t-shirt or be a wonderful compliment to a sexy black suit. This a must have necklace!

Romance meets high fashion.This beautiful Swarovski crystal and flower Rosette Bib can be worn in any season.It would be a wonderful compliment to a sexy colorful strapless dress.

Oasis Ethnic collar necklace is a tribal necklace with a strong native American Indian influence and would look nice with a simple white tee.

Coral necklace with a  blossom bauble in  red is very sexy ! ! !
Falconiere stone Rose chest plate with a white tee.

Falconiere stone Rose chest plate,Grumental-tone brass chainmail chest plate with garnet,agate,smoky quartz and onyx faceted at center suggest a very powerful look.

Betsey Johnson Necklace, Jungle Fever.Show off your wild side with this fun mix of jungle inspired charms pieced together into playful chain.

Ellie Tahari Arianna Beaded flower necklace, Sworn Statement.Beads and embroidery intermixed with silver cahins is bold and beautiful.

xoxo sugarkanke ....


  1. some gorgeous necklaces you've posted here and wonderful advice on how to wear a statement piece such as these. i completely agree. =)

    Vogue Gone Rogue

  2. Hello! You have a gorgeous blog,too.
    And thanks so much for following me.
    I'm completely in love with Etsy's Rainbow Rhinestone statement necklace.Is is pretty expensive or isn't? I really like it,it's so beautiful.

  3. great stuff you have.
    and the necklaces are too good.
    great job.
    nice blog.

    KiranKumar Roy

  4. Ooooh, I am loving a great deal of those necklaces! The bigger and bolder, the better! I love chunky jewelry and the way it can transform a dull outfit! Your post has got me inspired!

    Erica D

  5. @Erica D :would love to see the outfit,i am sure its gonna be gorgeous,pls blog about it.
    @KiranKumar Roy : Thanks a lot,checking yours out now .
    @Raisa : you are welcome,it is affordable,$24.99 at Etsy website.(http://www.etsy.com/listing/56668133/colorful-berry-rainbow-rhinestone).
    @ kristy elena :Thank you.

  6. they're adorable!!please send me the links to my site girl when u can...

  7. @dear girl : would do that....