Saturday, 30 October 2010

A trip to Ankara (PaRt 1)

Waking up at 4:00am to get ready to go the airport wasn't my idea of an adventure,from the moment i woke up,i just had this sixth sense that my day wasn't going to be as i imagined and all the planning and anticipation wasn't going to pay off.Got to the bustop,had to wait because the bus was 15minutes late.I was already growing impatient and funny things were running through my mind,maybe the bus isn't coming,maybe this is the wrong bus stop (even thou i saw people there with their luggages).You see,this was my first time using this bus so i had every reason to be panicky.
Getting to the airport some 40minutes later,i breathed a sign of relief because so far things were going according to plan.I got to the check in counter to get my ticket because all i had was the e-ticket from the travel agency.I handed over my passport and then the nonsense guy told me that my name was written wrongly on my e-ticket,my last name and nationality instead of my lastname and firstname.SHO! i didnt even check my ticket at the agency,i was excited that i just hammered a cheap ticket.He told me to go to the ticket sales office at the airport to rectify the mistake.So,i head over to solve my problem.The following ensued between me and that mumu ticket sales girl;

me: Hi
mumu salesgirl : Hello (with a heavy turkish accent).
me: The guy at the check in counter said i should come over to change the name on my ticket,because they made a mistake with my name.
do you understand me?
mum u salesgirl : Yes i understand.Ummm,one minute (she gets on her white nokia e-71 phone).
me : ok (with a smile on my face,that says; "hope no problem?")
mumu salesgirl goes into the back office and after 5minutes,she comes back into the booth.
mumu salesgirl : I am sorry,i can't change the name and you can't use this ticket
me : WTF ? (my expression ! ! !),what do you mean i can't use this ticket,so what happens now?
mumu salesgirl : you have to buy a new ticket.........
me : (OMYGOD !,i so don't need this today) i can't buy a a new ticket,i no be obama pikin !,can i speak to someone else maybe your manager or something?
mumu salesgirl : sorry? i didnt understand.........
me: (see me see wahala ooo) much is a ticket?
mumu salesgirl : ok.(she types on her computer)Are you a student?
me : yeah.....
mumu salesgirl : you id card.
me : i don't have it on me,but i have my student certificate (handing over the paper)
mumu salesgirl : ok. (she collects the paper and continues to type) roundtrip?
me : yeah.....
mumu salesgirl : $250

na die today ! ! !, where the hell i am supposed to come up with an extra $250 for a ticket this early thursday morning? considering the fact i got the previous ticket three times cheaper.I felt like howling right then at the airport.I didn't care if a lot of people were waiting behind me to get a ticket.I am a f$@king student (pardon my language),i can't spend as i see fit.At that moment,i began cursing the stupid traveling agency,my foolishness for not checking the ticket when i got it,the check in counter guy, and that mumu salesgirl join.I immediately imagined calling home and asking for more money,i would have suffered my dad's lecture on how foolish i am after claiming to have graduated university with a first class.

me : so what happens to this my previous ticket:
mumu salesgirl :  i don't know.Maybe the traveling agency would refund the money,you have to go back to them,it's their mistake.........we can do nothing.Should i cancel the ticket?
me: ($98 down the drain? never! )no thanks.I think i would contact the agency.

I don't bloody care whose mistake this is or whether my money gets refunded.I just wanted to travel this morning else all my plans would go into shambles and fall like a pack of cards.After making various phones calls for advice,i decided to just come back home and contact the agency later that day.I had to wait for the bus which wasn't leaving back to the city in the next 2hours.I sat down in a corner,feeling sorry for myself,lamenting on my predicament and asking God why i was so unlucky especially of late.After sitting for about 30mins,i heard the last call for checking in so a bright idea came to my head ! ! !.I decided to try my luck again, so i go to a different check in counter and i join the line.This was 10minutes before departure and i was praying a silent prayer begging baba God for a miracle.I hand the check in counter guy (cute guy by the way) the same e-ticket and he asked; "do you have any luggage?" i replied no.He types something on his computer and handed me my tickets (plus return ticket)!.OmyGod,i can't believe my luck.It is not easy being a lagos babe.I almost kissed him because i was so happy and in my mind i was insulting that previous oversabi check in counter guy.See me see this guy o? because of your oversabi,you want to spoil my plans abi?
To cut my long story short,i rushed through the passport control,down to my gate and jumped into the plane.I think i was the last person to board the plane.I found my seat and i sank comfortably into it quietly saying a prayer of thanks to baba God.
Tune in for PaRt 2 and the continuation of my never ending adventure to Ankara.

It is not a secret that i am absolutely in love with Christian Louboutin.This fall 2010 Christian Louboutin leopard gold studded boot is to die for and perfect for the winter weather.I love it because it is versatile and can go with any outfit.With a starting price of $293.00,check it out here

Janet wears hers with a pair of black jeans.

Kim K pairs hers with  blue Siwy Hannah Distressed crop jeans($198) .

xoxo sugarkanke.......

Ankara- A city in Turkey.
Oversabi-Knowing too much.
baba God-God.
Lagos-A city in Nigeria.
na die today-I would die today.


  1. I'm loving those shoes big time :)

    Stay gorgeous!

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  3. @ Nan : would def check it out......Thanks a lot*

  4. There's SOOO MUCH buzz around these boots, they're simply Delishh!! Come visit :)

  5. Love it!!! for realz *sigh*

    LMAO for the airport story. That must have been shitty, but babe, you were smart oh! lol!