Friday, 4 March 2011

Pictures that are stiff are not as interesting as GIFs ! ! !

OK,so i have been on a long hiatus and haven't been blogging with great tenacity, sue me!.Although, i have been keeping up with all my favorite blogs. While i was doing that,i came across something interesting.You can say i am tech savy and i am crazy about creating anything software and design.I decided to try my luck making pictures with some effect as i saw on some the blogs i visited.This blog was my inspiration and i totally stole her idea (i am guilty as charged*).I love her blog and i am always checking it out every two days because it's so entertaining and educative.Please visit her blog and check out her version
 HERE! .
I am still an amateur, please bear with my bad imitation of a customized version of a Gif image of moi in the last two pictures,I'll perfect  my art in no time 0_o.Below are a few of my favorites and i can't remember where exactly i got them from the web,pardon my plagiarism.

I have no idea who this is but i had to add it cos it's sexy as hell ! ! !
Princess and the frog .....hahahaa
Scary Minaj ! ! !
I .♥  Rih Rih

Who is this pwetty girl eh?

I am such a freaking Genius

xoxo sugarkanke.......