Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mini Musings at the office

The only constant thing in life is change. Why did that just pop into my head? I am here at work and I am supposed to be working my a*s off on a quiz application that i am developing but here I am going through all my old text messages and deleting them one by one. Turned 22 a few days ago and I am yet to make a "add new year resolution”. I shall not digress........back to change.

Been going through my text messages so i could delete a few and create more space for a few more. Life indeed is funny. I saw a lot of messages I had forgotten existed. It’s funny how quickly you outgrow some people and some things.Still not sure whether I am not on the right tract of life or not but one thing i know for sure is that for every second you grow, a lot changes. The way you think, how you feel, who you meet changes, your friends change.

It seems just yesterday I was a naive little girl looking for answers. I have moved from that to an adventurous young lady that is trying to find more to life and create a niche. There are a few things that never change or leave for instance;

• my family

• My love for chocolates (e no fit happen....!)

• my forever crush on Jay-Z(King B, watch your backside, i am coming for him)

• my awe for Nicki Minaj

 • my respect for Beyonce Knowles

 • my love for God

• the believe that Rihanna and I look like twins

• the song Deuces

• Finally, my disgust for liars and old married men that cheat.

 There are a few things I have outgrown over the years, such as;.........*thinking,thinking,thinking*.

 • Internet vexing

• worrying about things I can't change

•cartoon network

• Timbaland boots

• Rihanna's red hair

•Styl plus (sorry all Styl plus' fans don't know what happen but it just happened)

 • When guys say; "you are the only sugar in my tea, i can't live without you, i must to marry you (na dem sabi! notn for dem)".

• D.m.x type of music.(Whatever that means?) and lying to my parents

What has changed in your life? What have you outgrown? what are you up to this beautiful week? hope not pretending to work like me.
Saw this picture a while back from someone's blog and loved it. I don't know why but it makes a helluva lot of sense.


P.S : Nysc has done it again,alert don reach my phone!!!.Praise God!!!. Corper shun!(........hope i got it right?).Very soon,i know i would have to outgrow waiting for nysc allowance every month.


Beyonce's sultry $24 Geometric Woven Dress from Love Culture.i mean talk about look for less.

Go grab yours for this summer.

Photo credits : www.fashionbombdaily.com.

xoxo sugarkanke.......

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Happy b'day to me,yay ! ! !

what a day ! thank you all for the wonderful text messages,phone calls,fcb messages ...God bless.love you all*

xoxo sugarkanke