Monday, 3 October 2011

Happy B'day Naija

I  dey hail ooo!.

My fellow widows/Nigerians if you guys know what I have been through this past month, you would pity me seriously. This public holiday couldn’t have come soonest else I would have been lounging in Area B police station for slapping someone at the office…. The only comfort I have sometimes in the office is listening to Rihanna’s new single WE FOUND LOVE, you can download it here
I really love it and as always, Rihanna shows off her versatility .Talking about love,I spend the other half of my day dreaming and crushing on a certain fair ,tall ,& sexy guy in the office **cough cough**(i noe say my eyes chuk chuk too much......wteva!).i guess i have caught the bug........I mean what is life without its ups and downs? My bank has swallowed me up, I don't do anything apart from wake up, go to work, eat at work, vex at work, meet a few idiots people at work, sleep at work, cry at work etc. you know what I mean, I don't have to continue. This is me trying to say that I have been busy in fact busy is an understatement, maybe busy-around-miss-errand-abeg-buy-me-food-girl is better. All my enemies that said that service to our No.1 nation is fun,e no go better for you!

Back to the subject of discussion, I have tried to rescue little pieces of my social life. My bestie Tosin had her B'day 2weeks ago (y'all don't be deceived, she is old ooo !), I had a fun with the girls it was unbelievable. I still need to appreciate her for the wonderful fried rice and chicken I ate in a very nice V.I.P room (i am bush, I accept).Tosin has been my very good friend since high school (i think s.s.1 / s.s.2)....i used to tease her and call her Garfield but she is such a good sport that most times i feel like giving her the world's greatest bear hug.Anyhoos, her b'day gave me an idea to switch up this blog a little and try something different. A post with pictures of what i wore. I am my blog's style of the day and i am sure thou shall not be disappointed with my fashion capabilities. 

You guys have to excuse my shameful display of low quality pictures, it is courtesy of different models of BlackBerrys and one version of nokia c3 (*blush*, moni no dey easy atall) .hopefully one of my faithful readers can gift me a very nice camera.

Dress: Saint Tropez West   Bag: YFS  .The celebrant is in the middle.

Shoes: F&F. Please don't look at my sexzy legs too much.....i know they are irrestible*
Most patriotic Nigerian...*camera whoring*

More camera whoring...........The girls and i
See Nyash,what manner of nyash is dis i see? !!! spot the biggest nyash and dts the celebrant

Ring: DealDey.
Necklace: Made by me.
Also pardon the lack of exotic poses or glam shots,na condition make crayfish bend....Till the next time we meet, stay humble and positive.

xoxo sugarkanke.......


  1. Ah see the ladieesssss are balling.... Carry go..

  2. Tosin (celebrant)3 October 2011 at 20:32

    OMG!!!!kanke,I cant believe you did at them pics o!nice one.Im actually crying and laughing everyone is wondering whats going on.thanks so much dearie!.U would get the remaining pics.Thanks baby *muaah

  3. u r welcome......fake ass celebrant***

  4. Celebrating the independence. That's cool. I didnt do anything

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