Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Christmas Wish List

I told you, gimme a minute and i'll be right back ! Been gone for a minute and there are so many things i have been up to and blogging isn't part of it.No excuses but, people do change and life gets the better of us.So many things have happened in the past 10-11 months and i barely have time to blog anymore.Uni, work and so many projects on my plate keep me busy and on my toes, i kid you not! but i never forget to eat...trust this madam nah.Also, planning to start a youtube channel as well, we would see how that goes.If you want me to, just leave a comment below.
My blog got a face lift as well *yay me !*. Been wanting to change my theme for a while now.I decided to go for something simple,classy,grown and sexy.The other one also had problems with navigate buttons, people complained of not being able to find the button that clicks to older posts. This has been rectified now so enjoy people.
Anyhoos, back to the official business.Christmas is well around the corner and we all know it is a season for love,sharing and family.The season we exchange gifts with loved ones, get gifts we hate, get gifts we sell on eBay later, get gifts that we suspect the worth and decide to google the price *coughs*,
I love love gifts and i think i enjoy boxing day more than Christmas itself because this means i get to open all the lovely gifts from people (Yes i said it with no shame ! ). A gift is a gift and you have to learn to appreciate it but there is nothing like a gift i hate or don't need.
So, i decided to compile my own christmas list for all those special people in my life that want to get me something for Christmas. I would put the links to get each item below

DISCLAIMER: In no order of importance, nothing is too little or too much on this list. If you decide to get me more than an item, i would be very grateful ;) and pray for your continuous good health.These items can be shipped to anywhere in the UK as well so please no excuses !
I wear a UK 10 dress size and contact me to posting/shipping details. :)

1. Virgos Lounge ~ HERE
2. Zara ~ HERE
3. Samsung ~ HERE
4. Nelly.com ~ HERE
5. Zatchel Cambridge Satchel ~ HERE
6. Gucci ~ HERE

Currently loving the song: Miguel's Adorn.I listen to it on replay every second.Listen and Download HERE

Monday, 9 January 2012

Bloggers get Blushed Event

Neks2u and Beauty Salon and Retailer, Blush put together the Bloggers get Blushed event.It was an opportunity for all the bloggers around the world to get together, network and get free beauty consultations, makeovers and discount on all products Blush.Blush is a relatively new cosmetic that hit the Nigerian market in 2009.They have all sorts from your common everyday powder to bath bombs and scrubs that smell like heaven and something i would want to put in my mouth.Pardon my longer throat.
Back to the subject of discussion,i shall not digress too much.As soon as i heard cocktails and small chops,i carry my small nine west bag waka knowing that i wouldn't miss an opportunity to be fed anytime anyday.I pulled my supermodel girlfriend Dami of Dangeleyez check out her blog here.Me and this girl have beef because she is so gorgeous and has managed to achieve a status symbol of some sort while i follow her around with my puppy dog eyes trying to eat the crumbs that have fallen from her plate.Plus it doesn't help that she has this cute boyfriend that i have tried with no success to steal,call me Brain that has been trying to take over the world.But God dey sha ! i know one one day e go berra.
Saw and met a lot a bloggers that i have dreamt of meeting.A few like THAT1960CHICK eluded me but them i got to meet Jadore-Fashion and God knows i adore her blog.Might i also add that this chick has one of the hottest legs i have seen in a while, No-homo.Her legs are flawless,smooth and those Christian louboutin she wore just made me wish that i was stuck in those 1600 buses Uncle GEJ distributed to insult Nigerians and our IQ level cushion the fuel subsidy removal.Also met the famous Nneka of Neks2u Blog, check it out here.I loved her ear piercings.For someone that loves piercings,she gave me a run for my money.There were a lot of new and strange faces but at the end of the event,i am proud to say that i knew at least half their names and blog URLs.
Pardon the quality of some of my pictures.Didn't have a camera of my own.So, had to make do with Dami's dad's camera and stole a few from other bloggers that had cameras.All in all it was a fun event,glad i didn't  miss it.

I am Kanke Fierce !
Yvonne Ekwere and my Beautiful self.She has such a wonderful personality.
From left: Mide coker of Mode Juridique , winner of the Blush basket of goodies (she isn't a blogger), Dami of Dangeleyez , moi , chichi of Jewelz mag
Me ! ! !, after getting blushed....given that i am a bit allergic to some skin products, Blush made me itch a lil.I think it was the powder or something but needless to say, my exfoliator suffered when i got home.
Stella of Jadore-fashion
Mide Coker of Mode Jurisdique
From Left: Nneka of Neks2u , Ifeoma of Hyperfashun and Rhianna's younger sis A.K.A moi.
You see the legs i am talking about? so long and endless, oh i wish *sigh*  plus love love the Virgos Lounge shorts
My goddy bag from the Event, Yipee !.....I am soo loving my new fierce look.
Cupcakes ! ! !
Dami, she how she hold person.Like say i be her useless pikin.I don't know why i bothered putting up this pix.I look like a freaking Dwarf standing next to an iroko tree !
Stole this off Jewelzmag.com, her camera takes some amazing pictures.
Bath bombs and scrubs.Don't they look sooo edible?
xoxo sugarkanke.......

Fuel Subsidy Removal Update : Basketmouth

I decided not to get involved with this whole subsidy drama because of some vague factors surrounding the whole idea and execution ,but since i've been pushed to talk,here goes:

Subsidy is not really the problem,the problems here happen to be the ones we have been facing before we got Independence (ELECTRICITY,WATER,ROADS, SECURITY, EDUCATION,FUNCTIONAL REFINERIES just to name a few)

If the refineries were working, we wont be talking about exportation or importation of our own natural resources, if there was electricity, the consumption of fuel and diesel will be on zero %, because as it is, we spend more on our generators than we spend on cars daily. If the refineries were working and we had more, that is more employment,a better and stronger economy etc, if the educational system was in top form, youths wont be seeking admission in foreign schools, schooling abroad used to be luxury but now its a necessity.

If the subsidy is removed today,how does that stop the excesses we spend on fuel in our generators, an average Nigerian spends more than N100,000.00 to have a 12hr power supply from a fuel generating system while we are supposed to be spending a maximum of N6,000 every month if the power supply was steady.

We have a bag of problems,can the govt address them in the order of importance?!!!!

In the western world, power outage for less than 2hrs is breaking news and makes headline all over the world, but in Nigeria random power outages for the past 51years is part of our culture and has become a tourist attraction.

Lets fight for our basic rights,lets come together and have one voice against the govt and bad leadership,we are the present and future of this great Nation,its time we get what is ours,its time we stand together as one and fight a good cause.

Amongst many, ELECTRICITY is something we shouldn't be denied of in 2012, REFINERIES are structures every state in Nigeria should have, if not three at least one.

I don talk finish

Na so i see am

In fact, I am just coming out from my prayer session in the toilet. Some few hours ago, I had this sudden urge to go and pray against my enemies so I decided to use the ladies’ toilet. My body was shaking with prayer points and lines that I was going to use to conquer my enemies that have been planning my downfall and making plans with unusual fervor to snatch my newly acquired banker boyfriend. I was ready to confront those demons of the night. Witches and wizards that have caused me sleepless night. The reverberation in my body couldn’t be explained. That was my moment and I was not going to get that opportunity again. The feeling and urge to conquer them was so strong, I had to leave my desk and work and rush straight to the ladies.
On getting there, a weak feeling engulfed me immediately. Knowing that I was going to need serious strength to pull this off (the prayer session), I decided to just close my eyes for a few seconds to rest. I told myself; “let me just take a good look at the insides of my eyelids”.
………………………………………fast forward 2hrs later, I saw myself slumped on the toilet seat, earrings off, neck cramps and ims from my boss wondering where I was.
I slept two straight hours like a fool, I can’t believe it……I feel so ashamed. I have been sleeping without a care in the world. Thinking that I was in my father’s house on my cozy bed. I have achieved nothing today. Please add me in your prayers because this is the work of the DEVIL and his followers.

Wrote this a while back and noticed i never posted it,Just thought to share.


I can't begin to explain my new love for Gladiator sandals.It has always been there but it has been looking for new ways to burst out with a bang ! introducing......

Sigerson Morrison Knee-High Leather Gladiator Sandals

Details Toughen a boho-chic floral frock with Sigerson Morrison's hard-hitting knee-high gladiator sandals! Dark-brown leather knee-high gladiator sandals with a 10mm/ 0.5 inch stacked heel. Sigerson Morrison sandals have straps with gold buckle fastenings, gold rivets, a gold zip fastening through back and a strap over square toe. 
This sandals has a starting price of $398 and is sold out in most shops and websites.You can check it out here
For cheaper alternatives,you can try the Colin stuart Fringe Gladiator sandals.

This has a starting price of $98 and can be found in Victoria secrets website here
And my personally cheap affordable fav that i plan to get for yours truly
 Starting price is £21.99 and can be found here

xoxo sugarkanke.......

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year.......2012

All i can say is Whew ! ! !

It seemed like yesterday that 2011 started and now it over.So many things happened this year and i give God the glory for keeping me till this day.I am also reminded that i am getting older *sad face*.Haven't started writing my new year resolutions yet,would do that later today unfailing.It seemed like yesterday i was crying over a broken heart or starting service year or fixing my first acrylic nails or moving back home etc.I have so many fond memories both happy and sad.I am grateful to so many people that made this year what it is.
2012 is a year of great expectations and i pray to achieve so many things.A sneek peak at the year gone by through my lens.
A white christmas

*Sigh* what a visionary

High school Reunion, nice to see you guys!

My special handbag and boo
plus one this year, duh !
Aww, one of my inspirational outfits
No be small thing
My confidant, miss you tres much
At crossover mass this morning, the reverend encouraged us to write a few new year resolutions.We shouldn't have so many that we can't achieve instead we achieve some this year and leave the rest for many more years to come.These are not my new year resolution per say but just a few guidelines i promised myself to live by.

  • MoRe ExPeCtAtIoNs : i have so much expectations from this year and myself.I have always lived by my motto that says; what doesn't kill you,only makes you stronger.I am gonna go hard this year and expect the best from myself.Anytime i fall short of my expectations, i would fall flat on my face but at the same time,i plan to get back on my feet and continue the race.
  • MoRe ToLeRaNt Of PeOpLe AnD aCcEpT tHeM fOr WhO tHeY aRe: i have learnt to accept people just the way they are. I don't try to change them to who i want or make excuses for them.I plan to lower my expectations of people because i realised that they would always fall short.Nobody is perfect.
  • TrAvEl : This year would be my year of exploring the world.I love love traveling ! and seeing new places.Seeing that i am not wealthy at all,contributions would be graciously accepted for me to achieve this.Nothing is too small.The more you give,the more you receive.Thanks in advance.
  •  LeSs DePeNdEnT aNd TaKe ThInGs As ThEy CoMe : 2011 was a year of stressing and constantly getting out of my comfort zone to make someone else happy.I was always taking the weight of the world on my shoulders trying to solve problems and change people.Now, no more!.I would simply takes things as they come and not bother my pretty head about little things or things i can't change.Depending on people is only gonna let you down most times so i decided it isn't worth the trouble.
  • EaT HeAlThY aNd ExErCiSe MoRe : My weight has been crap this year.It has been fluctuating and i really hate it.I promised myself this year would be different.I would eat healthy and exercise more so i can achieve my flat washboard belly *Amen*
  • BuSsiNeSs SaVy : I plan to start a business this year.I want to start a business initiative even if i don't go all out and start a business.It is a gradual process and i plan to make it a success every step of the way.For my age, i all do is go to work, eat and watch movies......i beg my life to be more productive and i need a supplement to my meager earnings.There are so many people of my age that i achieved one thing or another,they don't have two heads.Please suggestions for new business ideas are welcomed.
  • PaY mOrE aTtEnTiOn To DeTaIlS: Be more thorough and pay more attention to details.It makes you very careful and more disciplined.

xoxo sugarkanke.......