Monday, 9 January 2012

Bloggers get Blushed Event

Neks2u and Beauty Salon and Retailer, Blush put together the Bloggers get Blushed event.It was an opportunity for all the bloggers around the world to get together, network and get free beauty consultations, makeovers and discount on all products Blush.Blush is a relatively new cosmetic that hit the Nigerian market in 2009.They have all sorts from your common everyday powder to bath bombs and scrubs that smell like heaven and something i would want to put in my mouth.Pardon my longer throat.
Back to the subject of discussion,i shall not digress too much.As soon as i heard cocktails and small chops,i carry my small nine west bag waka knowing that i wouldn't miss an opportunity to be fed anytime anyday.I pulled my supermodel girlfriend Dami of Dangeleyez check out her blog here.Me and this girl have beef because she is so gorgeous and has managed to achieve a status symbol of some sort while i follow her around with my puppy dog eyes trying to eat the crumbs that have fallen from her plate.Plus it doesn't help that she has this cute boyfriend that i have tried with no success to steal,call me Brain that has been trying to take over the world.But God dey sha ! i know one one day e go berra.
Saw and met a lot a bloggers that i have dreamt of meeting.A few like THAT1960CHICK eluded me but them i got to meet Jadore-Fashion and God knows i adore her blog.Might i also add that this chick has one of the hottest legs i have seen in a while, No-homo.Her legs are flawless,smooth and those Christian louboutin she wore just made me wish that i was stuck in those 1600 buses Uncle GEJ distributed to insult Nigerians and our IQ level cushion the fuel subsidy removal.Also met the famous Nneka of Neks2u Blog, check it out here.I loved her ear piercings.For someone that loves piercings,she gave me a run for my money.There were a lot of new and strange faces but at the end of the event,i am proud to say that i knew at least half their names and blog URLs.
Pardon the quality of some of my pictures.Didn't have a camera of my own.So, had to make do with Dami's dad's camera and stole a few from other bloggers that had cameras.All in all it was a fun event,glad i didn't  miss it.

I am Kanke Fierce !
Yvonne Ekwere and my Beautiful self.She has such a wonderful personality.
From left: Mide coker of Mode Juridique , winner of the Blush basket of goodies (she isn't a blogger), Dami of Dangeleyez , moi , chichi of Jewelz mag
Me ! ! !, after getting blushed....given that i am a bit allergic to some skin products, Blush made me itch a lil.I think it was the powder or something but needless to say, my exfoliator suffered when i got home.
Stella of Jadore-fashion
Mide Coker of Mode Jurisdique
From Left: Nneka of Neks2u , Ifeoma of Hyperfashun and Rhianna's younger sis A.K.A moi.
You see the legs i am talking about? so long and endless, oh i wish *sigh*  plus love love the Virgos Lounge shorts
My goddy bag from the Event, Yipee !.....I am soo loving my new fierce look.
Cupcakes ! ! !
Dami, she how she hold person.Like say i be her useless pikin.I don't know why i bothered putting up this pix.I look like a freaking Dwarf standing next to an iroko tree !
Stole this off, her camera takes some amazing pictures.
Bath bombs and scrubs.Don't they look sooo edible?
xoxo sugarkanke.......


  1. so many pretty girls at once :) found you on the ifb group and followd you ;) xoxo, saskia

  2. looks so fun! :)

  3. Aww this is so lovely! Thank you so much for coming dear!


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  6. it must be a good experience to match faces to the blog names. you sure had fun. nice pictures.

  7. Cool blog dear!!!
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