Monday, 9 January 2012

Na so i see am

In fact, I am just coming out from my prayer session in the toilet. Some few hours ago, I had this sudden urge to go and pray against my enemies so I decided to use the ladies’ toilet. My body was shaking with prayer points and lines that I was going to use to conquer my enemies that have been planning my downfall and making plans with unusual fervor to snatch my newly acquired banker boyfriend. I was ready to confront those demons of the night. Witches and wizards that have caused me sleepless night. The reverberation in my body couldn’t be explained. That was my moment and I was not going to get that opportunity again. The feeling and urge to conquer them was so strong, I had to leave my desk and work and rush straight to the ladies.
On getting there, a weak feeling engulfed me immediately. Knowing that I was going to need serious strength to pull this off (the prayer session), I decided to just close my eyes for a few seconds to rest. I told myself; “let me just take a good look at the insides of my eyelids”.
………………………………………fast forward 2hrs later, I saw myself slumped on the toilet seat, earrings off, neck cramps and ims from my boss wondering where I was.
I slept two straight hours like a fool, I can’t believe it……I feel so ashamed. I have been sleeping without a care in the world. Thinking that I was in my father’s house on my cozy bed. I have achieved nothing today. Please add me in your prayers because this is the work of the DEVIL and his followers.

Wrote this a while back and noticed i never posted it,Just thought to share.


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xoxo sugarkanke.......

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  1. I love those sandals, they are a must have x