Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year.......2012

All i can say is Whew ! ! !

It seemed like yesterday that 2011 started and now it over.So many things happened this year and i give God the glory for keeping me till this day.I am also reminded that i am getting older *sad face*.Haven't started writing my new year resolutions yet,would do that later today unfailing.It seemed like yesterday i was crying over a broken heart or starting service year or fixing my first acrylic nails or moving back home etc.I have so many fond memories both happy and sad.I am grateful to so many people that made this year what it is.
2012 is a year of great expectations and i pray to achieve so many things.A sneek peak at the year gone by through my lens.
A white christmas

*Sigh* what a visionary

High school Reunion, nice to see you guys!

My special handbag and boo
plus one this year, duh !
Aww, one of my inspirational outfits
No be small thing
My confidant, miss you tres much
At crossover mass this morning, the reverend encouraged us to write a few new year resolutions.We shouldn't have so many that we can't achieve instead we achieve some this year and leave the rest for many more years to come.These are not my new year resolution per say but just a few guidelines i promised myself to live by.

  • MoRe ExPeCtAtIoNs : i have so much expectations from this year and myself.I have always lived by my motto that says; what doesn't kill you,only makes you stronger.I am gonna go hard this year and expect the best from myself.Anytime i fall short of my expectations, i would fall flat on my face but at the same time,i plan to get back on my feet and continue the race.
  • MoRe ToLeRaNt Of PeOpLe AnD aCcEpT tHeM fOr WhO tHeY aRe: i have learnt to accept people just the way they are. I don't try to change them to who i want or make excuses for them.I plan to lower my expectations of people because i realised that they would always fall short.Nobody is perfect.
  • TrAvEl : This year would be my year of exploring the world.I love love traveling ! and seeing new places.Seeing that i am not wealthy at all,contributions would be graciously accepted for me to achieve this.Nothing is too small.The more you give,the more you receive.Thanks in advance.
  •  LeSs DePeNdEnT aNd TaKe ThInGs As ThEy CoMe : 2011 was a year of stressing and constantly getting out of my comfort zone to make someone else happy.I was always taking the weight of the world on my shoulders trying to solve problems and change people.Now, no more!.I would simply takes things as they come and not bother my pretty head about little things or things i can't change.Depending on people is only gonna let you down most times so i decided it isn't worth the trouble.
  • EaT HeAlThY aNd ExErCiSe MoRe : My weight has been crap this year.It has been fluctuating and i really hate it.I promised myself this year would be different.I would eat healthy and exercise more so i can achieve my flat washboard belly *Amen*
  • BuSsiNeSs SaVy : I plan to start a business this year.I want to start a business initiative even if i don't go all out and start a business.It is a gradual process and i plan to make it a success every step of the way.For my age, i all do is go to work, eat and watch movies......i beg my life to be more productive and i need a supplement to my meager earnings.There are so many people of my age that i achieved one thing or another,they don't have two heads.Please suggestions for new business ideas are welcomed.
  • PaY mOrE aTtEnTiOn To DeTaIlS: Be more thorough and pay more attention to details.It makes you very careful and more disciplined.

xoxo sugarkanke.......

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