Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Christmas Wish List

I told you, gimme a minute and i'll be right back ! Been gone for a minute and there are so many things i have been up to and blogging isn't part of it.No excuses but, people do change and life gets the better of us.So many things have happened in the past 10-11 months and i barely have time to blog anymore.Uni, work and so many projects on my plate keep me busy and on my toes, i kid you not! but i never forget to eat...trust this madam nah.Also, planning to start a youtube channel as well, we would see how that goes.If you want me to, just leave a comment below.
My blog got a face lift as well *yay me !*. Been wanting to change my theme for a while now.I decided to go for something simple,classy,grown and sexy.The other one also had problems with navigate buttons, people complained of not being able to find the button that clicks to older posts. This has been rectified now so enjoy people.
Anyhoos, back to the official business.Christmas is well around the corner and we all know it is a season for love,sharing and family.The season we exchange gifts with loved ones, get gifts we hate, get gifts we sell on eBay later, get gifts that we suspect the worth and decide to google the price *coughs*,
I love love gifts and i think i enjoy boxing day more than Christmas itself because this means i get to open all the lovely gifts from people (Yes i said it with no shame ! ). A gift is a gift and you have to learn to appreciate it but there is nothing like a gift i hate or don't need.
So, i decided to compile my own christmas list for all those special people in my life that want to get me something for Christmas. I would put the links to get each item below

DISCLAIMER: In no order of importance, nothing is too little or too much on this list. If you decide to get me more than an item, i would be very grateful ;) and pray for your continuous good health.These items can be shipped to anywhere in the UK as well so please no excuses !
I wear a UK 10 dress size and contact me to posting/shipping details. :)

1. Virgos Lounge ~ HERE
2. Zara ~ HERE
3. Samsung ~ HERE
4. Nelly.com ~ HERE
5. Zatchel Cambridge Satchel ~ HERE
6. Gucci ~ HERE

Currently loving the song: Miguel's Adorn.I listen to it on replay every second.Listen and Download HERE


  1. i've tried the gucci perfume, love it

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