Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Body Shop: Review

I am a mahoosive fan of  The Body Shop. I can spend hours in any of the stores sniffing and smelling things, it is so unreal! My frequent trips has made me somewhat of an almost expert in all things Body Shop and i can say that now, i know exactly the best products for my skin.
I have oily/combination skin on my face so i lean towards the Tea Tree oil range. As for my body and hand my skin is very dry,i suffer from ashy skin as most of darker skinned people can relate. I definitely want to cover that ashy skin especially in the winter months.
This post is purely about my review about my current Body Shop collection. I have been using most of these products for almost 6 months or more so i am very comfortable talking about my experiences and give an honest review about each one of these products. Some of these were gifted to me and the others i purchased with my own money (mostly during sales of course).
Some i have used and haven't repurchased  because i find that they are not suitable for my skin type or i can't justify spending that much money for them.  I have used in the past Seaweed Mattifying Day cream, Strawberry Shower Gel/Cream, Shea Shower Gel/Cream, Cocoa Butter Lip care Stick and Almond hand & Nail Cream (I will definitely be repurchasing after i run out of my current Hand Cream) all which i didn't include in this post.

  • Eye Definer
This is supposed to be an eye liner according to The Body shop website but i use this as an Eye Brow pencil and can i just say it is amazing ! it has a soft texture, it is smudge resistant and the staying power is unreal. I usually use it after i have primed my eye brows using the benefit stay flawless 15-hour primer, they go very well together. It lasts all the day and matches my skin tone explicitly. The next best eyebrow pencil i have used is the MUA one in brunette and when that finished i ran to super drug to restock but they were out of stock .I walked into Body Shop and they had 40% off and i get extra discount with my member's card so it was a dream come true to walk in at the right time of sales. Tried on the eye definer and Viola ! it was perfect ! I can't remember how much i paid for it with the discount but it retails for £8 and you can purchase it HERE.

  • Colourglide Lip Colour 
I am not the most impressed with this lipstick at all. Infact, this product is quite disappointing given that Body Shop products are amazing. This color is very beautiful No 62 : Velvet Wine. A deep plum perfect Lip colour for Autumn/Winter.  It stays on the lips all day. It is supposed to be matte but i will say it is not exactly that, it has a slightly gloss finish. However, the texture of the lipstick is very cakey and tends to melt. Mine is all melted and disgusting. I always have to use a brush to apply it. I will not be repurchasing this product because i think i can get a similar colour in other brands that doesn't cake or melt as much. I think this product has been discontinued and replaced with the new collection. I am not really sure, so do check it out HERE.

  • Aloe Lip Care
I suffer from very dry lips which has caused my lips to peel and scar in the past. I have looked tirelessly and tried various products but i think this product stands out for me. It leaves my lips feeling silky soft with a gloss (which i love) and it lasts all day. It instantly soothes dry lips and it is fragrance and alcohol free. This is a must have for me. I have almost run out and i definitely will be repurchasing. I like the packaging as well and the fact that it comes in a tube means that i can control the amount of product i use.It cost £5 and you can purchase it HERE.

  • Natural Lip Roll on Coconut
I am a bit in between with this product. I purchased it originally to help with my dry lips. The lady in the store recommended coconut in particular because it contains a lot of oils.  It has a roll on applicator which is great to control the amount of product. It is also made with 100% natural ingredients. In as much as this product is very moisturizing, i find it too greasy for my lips. I don't know if i will be repurchasing after my current bottle runs out. It is quite affordable and retails for £4 and can be purchased HERE.

  • Tea Tree Clearing Lotion
This is definitely without argument one of my Holy grail products. I have been looking for a face lotion for the longest time and decided to give this a go. It is a bit pricey £8 for 50ml of product but it is worth every penny. The smell isn't offensive at all and it does the job it says it will do. It is mattifying, lightweight and easily absorbed. When i put this on, my face feels fresh and very soft. These range of products (Tea Tree) is tailored for people with blemish prone skin. I suffer from blackheads so i thought it will be perfect for  my skin which it is ! after using this, the night cream and face wash, i have noticed the result of clearer looking skin. This gets a 5 star from me. Purchase HERE.

  • Tea Tree Night Lotion
Another of my Holy grail products. The Tea Tree Night Lotion. It is has the same clean smell and mattifying finish of the clearing Lotion. It is the perfect night lotion for me because i hate having a greasy or dry face when going to bed. So, when i wipe my makeup off before i sleep, i don't want to use anything on my face that is too heavy. It also replenishes moisture at night when you sleep. The pump comes is handy so you can control the amount of product you use.One pump is often times sufficient for me.It has a permanent place in my night time routine and i will definitely be repurchasing. It gets 5 stars from me. It retails for £9 for 50ml and you can find it HERE.

  • Tea Tree face Wash
Right from when i started researching the best ways to take care of my skin especially my face i learnt that using harsh soaps isn't the way forward. I was using the Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash which worked well for my skin but i wanted to try the Tea Tree face wash from Body Shop. This is also another Holy grail product for me and i have been using it daily as part of my face routine for months now. This product says it removes excess oil without over-drying and removes impurities and it does just that ! It smells clean just like all the products in the Tea Tree range and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth after every use. It is definitely a must have. It is very affordable as well for £5 for 250ml HERE.

  • Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree oil has been known to have healing properties for blemished skin. This works fairly well and what i do is i just dab a bit on the blackheads or an annoying pimples on my face. However, it contains only 15% tea tree oil so it has been diluted. In as much as it works very well, i think it is a bit pricey at £7 for 10ml given that i can get this product form other brands for well cheap. I think Superdrug does 100% tea tree for £2.99 (5ml) which is more than half price cheaper. Still haven't made up my mind about repurchasing this product but it is really handy to have especially if your skin breaks out a lot. This product can be purchased HERE.

  • Absinthe Purifying hand cream
I love hand creams because they keep my hands moisturized. This product has a woody scent and it is light so it is perfect for men as well. It absorbs quickly so for people that hate greasy hands and love fresh clean hands then this is for you.I prefer the Hemp Hand cream but i am almost through with this so i don't mind as much. It is £10 for 100ml and can be purchased HERE.

  • Hemp Hand Protector
I just purchased this product and i haven't gotten around using it as much but i love this already. It is very very moisturizing and leaves my hand looking and feeling soft.
 There is nothing like a good hand cream that gets rid of all the ashyness. I have used the Almond hand cream from Body Shop and it worked like magic so i decided to try the other ranges. However, just like every Body Shop product, it is targeted towards different skin types . It is worth while to pick up a product that is well suited to your skin. Holy grail product, gets 5 stars from me. It retails for exactly the price as the Absinthe Purifying hand cream
and can be purchased HERE.

  • White Musk Fragrance Mist
This body mist smells divine. I got this as a gift and i can't wait to wear it everyday. I am very particular about scents and you can call it being OCD because i use a roll on every morning, a deodorant spray, a body mist and then perfume. So, i love smelling good. This product smells like rose, amber, jasmine and wood. It is not over powering and can be worn every day. The only drawback is that it is not the most long lasting scent but hey ! it is a body mist and not a Gucci perfume. It'll do. It goes for £7.50 for 100ml and can be purchased HERE.

  • Vanilla & Tonka Bean Body, Room & Linen spritz
What i like about this product is that it is a 3 in 1 Multi Purpose Product. I use it as a room , body and linen spray. It smells of Vanilla & Tonka bean as the name suggest and has a soothing and sophisticated aroma.I will love to try the other scents and the next on my list is the Jasmine & white frangipani. The is quite affordable and retails for £7 for 100ml of product. This can be purchased HERE.

  • Muslin Cleansing Cloth
I got this as a gift as well quite recently. It used for cleansing all traces of makeup and oil. So instead of using a cotton pad or better still face wipes, this is perfect. I am excited to try this out because it is reusable so all i have to do is clean my face with it, pop it into the washing machine, dry and reuse. It tends to be economical in the long run. I have also read a few reviews about it, that it leaves the skin feeling smoother and more radiant. I think it is a bit pricey for 1 cloth for £2.50. I don't know if i am willing to spend that much on a muslin cloth to be honest or maybe i will just wait till it goes on sale to purchase. The product can be found HERE.


  • Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel
The best thing about this product is the smell ! it smells like heavenly coconut, omg ! this is hands down one of the best anti bacterial gels i have used in my life. The smell lasts on my hands for ages after use and doesn't come off until i wash my hands. The icing on the cake is that after using this i don't need to use a moisturizer. It is very moisturizing and it keeps my hands looking and smelling fresh. The size is perfect as well because i can carry it everywhere and anywhere especially when i am out and about in London. After using the underground i make sure i dab a little of this on my hands every time.Definitely five stars for this product! Retails for £2.50 and can be purchased HERE.

  • Mango Hand Cleanse Gel
I love the cleansing gel range so much that i just had to purchase the mango scent. This one smells great as well but i will say the coconut is still my fav. It works exactly like the coconut hand cleanse gel and most importantly, all the cleansing gels from Body Shop don't contain Triclosan. All the cleansing gels go for the same price and this can be purchased HERE.

  • Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray
Another perfect 3 in 1 product from Body Shop. It cools, refreshes and combats foot odor. I am a foot soldier as i don't drive so i tend to walk everywhere as opposed to using the bus. As you can guess my feet are tired and almost sore by the time i get to my destination and just one spritz of this product revives my feet immediately ! I kid you not and i am not exaggerating this product is amazing. I must admit, this product grew on me because i had it for over a year and when i purchased it i was looking for a product that combats foot odor but this has impressed me beyond belief. A 5 star product i will be repurchasing and for £6 it is a steal. This product can be purchased HERE.

  • Bath Gloves
This came as an offer when i purchased the Shower Gel . I had never used bath gloves in the past so this is my first experience but i must say i am impressed. After a good scrubbing using this product, my skin feels supple, soft and fresh. It is very exfoliating and scrubbing my body has never been more natural as wearing gloves. The only drawback is that after a couple of uses, it changes color. I don't why but i does. Regardless, i will be repurchasing this product. It retails for £4 and can be purchased HERE.

Do you have any favorites or good Body Shop products you can recommend? Do let me know by commenting down below.


  1. Very thorough review! Thanks for sharing :)